Friday, February 26, 2010

From a Bride on Her Wedding Day

Don't ask me why I felt compelled to drag out this eight-year old poem. When I wrote it originally, I framed it and gave it to one of my best friends as a wedding shower gift. I also used this poem during the tea parties as a conversation-starter, and it was amusing to hear how else a couple might use their hands through a lifetime of marriage. For some reason it has been on my mind the last few days, so I thought I would revisit it. I have a new appreciation for it, from the perspective of a woman now married nearly 12 years. If you are so moved, feel free to add your own verses, in the comment section, about how a married couple might positively use their hands through the years.

From a Bride on Her Wedding Day

You asked for my hand, and I give it to you,
A sign of my love, forever steadfast and true.

With hands held tightly on our wedding day,
We'll vow to each other that together we'll stay.

We'll promise that each time the other might need,
A hand will reach out to comfort...or lead.

The first years we live as new husband and wife,
Our hands will be clenched, as though clinging to life.

We'll have time to enjoy every knuckle and nail,
And our love will seem like it never could stale.

Then that day will come when I'll reach for your hand,
And you'll know not to question a laboring woman's demands.

You'll smile and comfort through pain from my grip,
And you'll start to wonder if you're ready for this trip.

When the pain has subsided and new life has begun,
We'll have new hands to hold with a daughter or son.

We'll still hold our hands, though possibly spread,
Over little bellies and toes and adorable little heads.

We'll watch them grow up and hold them in our hands,
We'll wipe away tears and we'll be their biggest fans.

I'll still seek you out, as my strength and my love,
With hands I will find you and thank God above.

The children will grow and seek lives of their own,
And we'll proudly let go of the miracles we've sown.

Then once again each others' hands we will find,
A bit changed and sun-aged, maybe scarred by the grind.

We'll learn what it means to hold hands once again
And we'll remember how it was we first became friends.

We'll be thankful to hold hands when loved ones pass on
And we'll try not to think about one of us being gone.

Those times will inevitably find us some day,
Of course, holding hands when there's not much to say.

Goodbyes will seem lacking for our loving bond,
So we'll silently hold hands until one of us is gone.

Then one day will come when the split seems too long
And our hands will rejoin and we'll remember our song.

This moment, I give to you my hand to hold,
To cherish and honor until we both grow old.

A lifetime of memories to discover and know.
Take my hand, hold it tight, and together, let's go!

Copyright 2001 Meagan M. Frank
All rights reserved


  1. You have an award waiting for you at :)

  2. What a great poem! Love this blog!

  3. That was beautiful, Meagan! I tried to come up with a short couplet to add because my hubby just gave me a fist bump over an effective, er, disciplining technique we just used with my son. But I think my brain cells are too fried to make a cool rhyme.

    I fist bump for discipline, I give to you,
    Our son's not so happy, but we will hold true.


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