Book Project

In summer of 2003, I was legitimately flailing through marriage and motherhood.  I was a full-time SAHM with two kids ages three and one.  We had moved four times in five years, and I was at the bottom of the darkest part of my life.  I set out on a journey to save my marriage, but in the process I discovered more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

I interviewed over seventy women and collected 175 questionnaires about how women survived tough patches in their marriages.  Over the course of two years I conducted my research and read anything that would help me to move back toward my husband again.  What I discovered was life-changing.  My current relationship with my husband is as good as ever.  Since 2003, we have added another kid to the mix, and a part-time job for me.  I have continued to pursue this writing project because writing is, and always has been, my deepest passion.

I could never have done this project alone.  Because of the willingness of the women who shared their lives with me, and the unending support of my husband, I have achieved what I set out to do.  I wanted to save my marriage, and I wanted to find a way to do what I love without sacrificing the family we have built.

The book Choosing to Grow-Through Marriage is due to be published in March 2011