Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WANTED: CTG Hostesses


My favorite part about collecting information for the Choosing to Grow: Through Marriage book were the groups of women who gathered to talk with me.

The CTG groups ranged in size from four to fifteen women, and every discussion positively influenced my marriage.  I hope to gather similarly-sized groups of people (it can be both men and women) to talk about some of the things I found in my research.

The presentation can be geared to the desires of the group, and the topics can vary.  Some presentation topics include: 
  • River Rafting through Marriage: How to Equip for Pitfalls 
  • Surviving Children:  Putting Marriage First
  • Finding the "I" in Marriage
  • How to Build the Safety Net:  Fostering the Network of Friends and Married Couples
For any of the presentations, I would be willing to read a portion of the book, if that is of interest to the participants.

The book is due to be published in early March, and I can have books on hand if hostesses are willing to book the latter part of March and into April.

Mother's Day and the wedding season are right around the corner, so book a unique Bridal Shower presentation or a gab session for your busy mom friends.

I am willing to travel, if it is feasible.  Minnesota and western Wisconsin bookings are possible through June 15th.  I will be in Illinois March 11-March 20.  Colorado bookings can happen anytime after June 17th and through August 7th.  Even if you are not living in any of those places, I would consider travelling.

There will be a free autographed copy of the book for the first ten women to book a presentation.

Post a comment on this blogpost or visit my writers' facebook page and book your presentation today.


  1. You willing to come to the Pittsburgh area? I'd love to host one for you! OR if you can't come here, I could do a feature for UnscriptedLife (actually I'd like to do that either way).

    Good luck and so many congratulations on the book! I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!

  2. Ivy...
    It's actually possible I could get out to Pittsburgh, and I would love to have a chance to meet you! We may have to wait until the fall, though. My hubby runs the Renaissance Festival out there, and he has promised to take me out there a weekend next year. Maybe the presentation can be for a group of women who have already read the book. We'll keep chatting!!

  3. Sounds great! I'd love to meet you! I've also never been to a Renaissance Festival. That could be fun!

    I'd love to do an I tervoew and review for UnscriptedLife, maybe when the book releases.

  4. Gee, Meagan, I miss a few (months!) of your blog posts and look what happens? CONGRATULATIONS on your book coming out in March. That is wonderful!!


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