Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Story

Book beckons.  My words are all finding their way to the drafts of my book chapters, so ideas and inspiration for blog writing are pretty pathetic.  I thought that little blurbs of what I create on a daily basis for the book might be worth sharing in small snippets as I go.

Lately my mind has been floating in the champagne bubbles of wedding bliss, and here is what I remember from my own wedding day:

"You see, in my memory, I saw my husband as I walked down the aisle, and he and I were practically the only two in the room.  No really…we were the only two in the room.  We decided to take our pictures before the wedding so that we could go to the reception with everyone else (remember… formal kegger…didn’t want to miss it). So instead of ruining the groom seeing bride thing, we staged my entrance like a run-through and then it was ok that we saw each other.  In my memory, we spent the better part of forty-five minutes ironing the bride’s maid dresses that had wrinkled in the car as they baked in their plastic bags.  In my memory, Pudge remembered to get the keg delivered to the reception place but forgot to pick up his mom and grandma to get them to the church.(you guessed it…kegger)  In my memory, Pudge’s grandma told the photographer she would stay for one more picture, and before the noise of the click had reached us on the steps, she was walking off.  In my memory, Pudge put on his tuxedo only to find a fist-sized hole in the crotch.  I don’t want to guess what the previous wearer had done in those pants.  He was able to switch with his brother who mended the gaping hole. In my memory, I walked in to the same song as my bride’s maids…purposefully…I told myself that it was because I didn’t want the day to be about me, but more accurately I probably didn’t want to draw too much attention to the fact that my brother walked me down the aisle instead of my dad.  In my memory, there was laughter and tears and a gripping ache in my stomach as I watched my new husband say a public remembrance for the dad he missed so much. I remember too, walking out of the church and into the arms of another dad…the dad I wasn’t sure would be there."

Excerpt taken from Choosing to Grow: Through Marriage...a book in progress.
Copyright 2010 Meagan Frank

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